Flora Dress

Announcing the official Flora Dress Sewalong!

Flora Dress Sewalong #1: The world (of fabrics) is your oyster!

Flora Dress Sewalong #2: Finding your size & tracing the pattern

Flora Dress Sewalong #3: FBA & SBA (full bust adjustment & small bust adjustment)

Flora Dress Sewalong #4: Fixing a gapey or tight back

Flora Dress Sewalong #5: Lengthening & shortening the bodice

Flora Dress Sewalong #6: Cutting, marking & stabilising your fabric

Flora Dress Sewalong #7: Assembling your faux-wrap bodice (Variation 1)

Georgia Dress

Coming soon: the Georgia Dress Sewalong (including a bonus variation..)!

Georgia Dress Sewalong #1: It's all in the fabric

Georgia Dress Sewalong #2: Finding your size & prepping the pattern

Georgia Dress Sewalong #3: Full & small bust adjustments (FBA & SBA)

Georgia Dress Sewalong #4: Cutting your fabric

Georgia Dress Sewalong #5: Assembling the bodice with skinny straps

Georgia Dress Sewalong #6: The wide collar straps (Variation 1 only)

Georgia Dress Sewalong #7: Assembling the skirt & joining the bodice

Georgia Dress Sewalong #8: BONUS strapless variation

Georgia Dress Sewalong #9: Zippers, hems and the home stretch

Georgia Dress Sewalong: The round-up!

Anna Dress

Are you ready for the Anna Dress Sewalong?

Anna Dress Sewalong #1: It's all about the fabric

Anna Dress Sewalong #2: Tracing and altering the pattern

Anna Dress Sewalong #3: Cutting & marking your fabric

Anna Dress Sewalong #4: Assembling the bodice

Anna Dress Sewalong #5: Assembling the skirt

Anna Dress Sewalong #6: Zipper & finishing touches

Anna Dress Sewalong - some of yours!

Victoria Blazer

Announcing the Victoria Blazer Sewalong!

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #1: Tracing & cutting

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #2: Assembling the shell

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #3: Setting in the pockets (V1 & 3 only)

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #4: Prepping the collar, lapels & cuffs

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #5: Sleeves - Variations 1 & 2 only

Victoria Blazer Sewalong #6: Putting it altogether & finishing touches

Victoria Blazer Sewalong - The round-up party!

Elisalex Dress

Heads up: Elisalex Dress Sewalong coming in March!

On finding the right fabrics for your Elisalex Dress

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #1: Tracing & cutting

Important info on zippers for the Reversalex!

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #2: Full bust adjustment for princess seams (FBA)

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #3: Assembling the bodice (with sleeves)

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #4: Assembling the bodice (sleeveless)

Nerdy Sewing Tips: How to add side seam pockets

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #5: Assembling & attaching the tulip skirt

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #6: Reversalex and skirt alternatives

Elisalex Dress Sewalong #7: Zippers, hems & finishing touches

Elisalex Dress Sewalongers: Sew us yours!!

The Elisalex Dress: More of YOURS!

Charlotte Skirt

Charlotte Skirt Sewalong #5: Hemming (& we're done!)

Charlotte Skirt Sewalong: Sew & Tell!