Procrastination Station #5


It could be something to do with the moon or maybe it’s the depressing fact that winter has once again reared it’s ugly, greying, blustery head over our beloved London town. Either way, it seems that everyone I’ve encountered has had a bit of a crayhem week this week but once again the glorious Friday has come to ou... read more ›

Pattern hacking Holly - A button-down peplum top

I don't know about you guys, but these #PatternHackathon shenanigans have left me with more inspiration than I know what to do with. My "to-make" list has gone from the obsene to the simply unmanageable! However, nothing's impossible in my book - and as Dory so wisely said, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.... read more ›

Procrastination Station #4

 Hello all!   Charlotte here and it is my honour and pleasure to take the opportunity to distract for a little while on this Friday. So, here are just some of the things I've been distracting myself with over the past few weeks:  (Just one little thing! The video embed function has gone a little awry for some unk... read more ›

Pattern hacking Anna - a guest post by Nicole from Finch Sewing Studio


I'm sure that the vast majority of you reading this can't have failed to notice the spectacular backless Anna Dress pattern hack we splashed all over our Instagram and Facebook feeds - the hack in question received a record number of likes, shares and comments pleading us to publish a tutorial. Well, we fell in love... read more ›

Help us decide which pattern to release next!


image source Hello all, and Happy Humpday! We write to you today humbly asking for your help - now that Kim is safely in the arms of the printers and we're sat here twiddling our thumbs with nothing to do getting stuck right into a new batch of future patterns, we have suddenly found ourselves at a standstill..... read more ›