Nerdy sewing tips: Sewing with velvet


There's no denying it - the most luxurious and covetable fabrics in the world are often the hardest to work with. And maybe it's exactly that that added to their stature in the first place: not everyone could just pick up a few metres of silk chiffon and whip up a gown in a day. But luckily for us in this age of i... read more ›

Pattern hacking Anna - How to draft & sew side slant pockets


When you spend all your days designing, sampling and sewalong-ing for future sewing patterns and the freshly-released, it can be so easy to neglect designs that were previously all-consuming. My once most favourite pattern ever, the Anna Dress, has somewhat fallen by the wayside recently while I spend all my extra... read more ›

DIY handmade hankies & napkins


Sometimes, it's the simplest makes that are the sweetest. Whether it be a thoughtful housewarming gift with a personalised embroidery, or a comforting and re-useable replacement for all those winter tissues, handmade napkins and hankies whip up pretty quick, have infinite variation potential, and are always well r... read more ›

Nerdy sewing tips: The perfect mitred corner


*Pssst! This amazing flamingo print fabric is available to buy from our designer gallery!* In today's Nerdy Sewing Tip, I'll be showing you how to quickly, simply, and painlessly create a perfect mitred corner, all on a sewing machine! If you've ever been frustrated by imperfect hand stitched mitred corners, or w... read more ›

Once Upon A Dream - Fabric Design Competition!


  byhandlondon.com/pages/design-comp It's been far too long since we held one of these! Well, at least since we did our very first Fabric Design Competition just under a year ago, all the way back in March 2013. And it was absolutely brilliant! We were totally overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of the ent... read more ›