Perfect easy summer dress make: Zeena Dress from Sprout Patterns + By Hand London!


My Zeenaaaaaaaaa! Stood on a balcony in beautiful Ortigia (Syracuse) in Sicily.  Hiya and happy summer y'all! I don't know how it's been for you, but for us in London it's been pretty dramatic: regular bouts of gruesome rain and thunder, interspersed all too rarely with some glorious sunshine which makes the whole... read more ›

Drumroll please... We give you, the Charlie Dress!


Finally ready for your sewing pleasure (and ours!), we couldn't be more excited to present to you the Charlie Dress! Some of you may remember that we originally released the Charlie bodice, along with a draft-it-yourself quarter circle skirt in association with Simply Sewing magazine at the end of last year. It ... read more ›

Nerdy sewing tips: How to sew a narrow hem (for curved hems and/or delicate fabrics)


Curved hems can be pesky even at the best of times, but what about when you need to achieve the most flawless, elegant, lightweight hem you ever did see? The answer is an ultra neat and narrow hem... This technique is simple and straightforward in theory, but requires a few extra steps to get it as accurate and per... read more ›

Summer holiday postal information

image source School's out for Summerrrrrr!!! While we're probably not going to be anywhere nearly as lush as the above image, we will be packing up and jetting off to distant shores for some much needed R&R. As a result, we may take a little longer to reply to emails, and any printed pattern orders (just Holly ... read more ›

Simple Sarah, or: The lazy sewists guide to shirtmaking!


If you're anything like me, you'll have more on your seasonal to-sew list than humanly achievable (without somehow manipulating the space-time continuum) so it's nice to know that every now and then you can take a short cut - or three! - to help speed the production line along.  Ever since we released our Sarah Shi... read more ›