URGENT: Faulty Elisalex tissue :(


Ladies, Gentlemen, members of the Jury... Regrettably we have encountered a massive problem regarding the reprint of our Elisalex Dress sewing pattern. 

Some of you may recall, back in the very early days of BHL, we had a dodgy print run of our first collection, which unfortunately (and through no fault of our own this time) has come back to bite us on the butt. 

Long story short, the pattern tissue of the Elisalex Dress reprint is faulty. Anyone who has an Elisalex Dress where the pattern tissue is printed in blue ink, please please PLEASE send your address to help@byhandlondon.com and we will reissue you with the real deal as soon as we get them back from our printers. 

We are so deeply and profusely sorry, and above all embarrassed, that this has come about and please know that we are doing everything in our power to fix this ASAP. 

Sincerely, faithfully and sorrily, 

Elisalex, Charlotte & Victoria

  • Elisalex de Castro Peake

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