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The Anna dress is now available in extended D cup sizing!

We have an exciting announcement, and one we couldn't be prouder of as it has been a long time in the works... our bestselling Anna dress pattern is now available in our new extended D cup sizing band!

The Anna dress is first pattern we are releasing in the D cup sizes UK 16-34 (US 12-30), and from now on, all future patterns we release will be available in both the B cup size band UK 6-24 (US 2-20) and the D cup size band. Behind the scenes, we are already working hard to redraft designs from our existing library of patterns so that bit by bit we can re-release them with the new sizes as well. Next up will be the Hannah wrap dress!

No doubt you'll have lots of questions about the new sizes, so we've done our best to anticipate them and answer everything you need to know below! Please keep reading...

So, how has the new size band been drafted?

When drafting patterns for commercial use (for multi-sized home sewing patterns, or for Ready-to-Wear), you start with a block: this is your sample pattern, and when that is graded, it can only go up or down a certain number of times before the shapes become distorted. Our original size band is drafted to a UK size 10 block (so that I can keep the samples!) and is then graded up to a size 24, and down to a size 6 (and we could go lower seeing as the block is only size 10, but as of yet there has been no demand).

For the new size band, we have developed a new block, based on a UK size 22 D cup (when there is a 4" difference between high bust and full bust - nothing to do with your bra size!), which has then been graded from a UK 16-34.

While our existing B cup size band is based on a traditional "fashion industry standard" - 2" difference between high bust and full bust; hourglass figure - the new extended sizes have been designed for a figure with a full bust and a full tummy. Based on our experience teaching our Bodice Fitting Masterclass, this shape seemed to be what we encountered the most, with many of our students struggling to fit patterns at the higher end of the size chart to their larger busts and fuller tummies. So for us, and our brilliant pattern cutter Jackie, that seemed like the right way to go. Of course, figures of all sizes come in all shapes, and there is no way that we could cater for everyone with this new size band. We hope that people will be open to toiling, tweaking and altering our patterns for their perfect fit. Plus, with more and more pattern companies now beginning to offer a higher size band option, and with all of us drafting to a slightly different block, hopefully before long there really will be something for everyone!

I previously purchased the Anna dress - will I get the update for free?

As well as the launch of the extended D cup size band, we have also extended the original pattern from a UK 20 to a UK 24 (you may know that we started doing this last year, and we already have a number of patterns that go up to size 24 in the original B cup size band).

If you have previously purchased our Anna dress in PDF format, you will automatically receive the B cup update for free. If you haven't, please check your spam/promotions folders, and email us if you can't find it!

If you purchased the Anna dress back when we still did paper patterns, you will need to email us (, and we will send you the update for free.

If you purchased the Anna dress (PDF or paper), but you feel like you would be better off with the D cup size band, please email us and we will send you the new D cup file for free.

If you have never previously purchased the Anna dress, you will have three options when you get to the product page: you can buy the B cup size range UK 6-24 for £10.50 OR you can buy the D cup size range UK 16-34 for £10.50 OR you can buy both size ranges in a bundle for £16.50.

Why are there no photos of the new D cup Anna dress on the product page?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we've not been able to arrange a photoshoot for the new size range, and we certainly didn't want to wait to release it! However, we have pencilled in a date after the summer that our gorgeous model is happy with, and we can't wait to get back in the studio! In the meantime, we do have the beautiful fashion illustrations done by the eye-wateringly talented Anna Walker (who the Anna dress was named after in the first place!).

We are so excited to be taking this much needed and anticipated step forward with our business! We really value all of your feedback, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your thoughts. With all new developments, we are very aware of the fact that there may be hiccups that will need ironing out, and that's ok! If you have any more queries, or you spot something that doesn't look right, please email us at

Comments on this post (7)

  • Aug 02, 2020

    I was really excited to hear you were going to do cup sizing. Thank you for helping to make sewing more inclusive, less time intensive and more successful. Unfortunately for me I’m a smaller range large cup size, which means neither works without lots of changes. This, not uncommon, division still leaves me out of anything that won’t require large adjustments. Please, consider that this division is creating new margins. Thank you.

    — Logan

  • Sep 09, 2020

    It would be good to have some instructions on how to FBA adjust the pattern for ladies with larger busts who are below a size 16. This is what’s put me off making the Anna dress so far, as I’m nervous of adjusting the pattern because of the location of the dart. Many thanks :)

    — Kate Reeves

  • Jul 18, 2020

    Hi Helena,

    Unfortunately we simply can’t afford to do everything all at once, and we know that we won’t be able to cater for everyone.

    The way patterns are graded to keep the correct proportions we would need to essentially create 4 seperate patterns to work across all the sizes with different cups. The update for the new size band is a completely new pattern (and all the costs that entails) though it looks the same.

    Jessica x

    — Jessica

  • Jul 18, 2020

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Not for the time being, but never say never! Unfortunately we simply can’t afford to do everything all at once, and we know that we won’t be able to cater for everyone 😔 in the meantime, please check out our bodice fitting companion for help with bust adjustments and other bodice fitting techniques 😘

    Jessica x

    — Jessica

  • Jul 18, 2020

    Are you intending to do any patterns for size 6 to 8 with a D or E cup? It isn’t just the larger sizes that require a D+ cup size!

    Thanks Elizabeth

    — Elizabeth Jones

  • Jul 18, 2020

    Hi i
    It is a little bit sad that you have divided the patterns. I find it really hard to find patterns that fit with my bust of D but relatively slim body. I first I jumped with joy when I saw this until I realized that like many others I have to buy both patterns to get my size cause I dont have a big waist and hips And back just cause I have a big bust.
    So I guess I just keep waiting for Anna , that I really wanted, until I get the energy to go through the FBA process with the original pattern that I have to have for the rest of my body.
    So happy that at least some of the pattern companies, sewliberated and chalkandnotch understand that there are bodies like mine out there and include the different cupsizes in the original pattern.
    I hope you plan differently next time
    kind regards helena

    — Helena Jeppsson

  • Jul 17, 2020

    This is the best news I’ve had for ages. Thanks on behalf of all similarly well endowed ladies!!!

    — JudithAnne

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