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Your amazing Dirty Sewing Secrets!

laughing cat

It has taken us so long to decide on a winner because we had over a whopping 75 entries for this competition! It's not just about quantity though, it's also about quality - and dammit, you have had us in stitches (yup, we went there...)

We finally decided that this gem was to be our winner:

 'I drew the department head in our secret Santa at work and decided I would make him a pair of PJ bottoms. I can't keep a secret so I ended up telling various colleagues this was the plan. I made a trial pair for my brother whose birthday was conveniently a week before the secret Santa draw. I had one day when I had time to make the big boss pair but I ended up going out the night before and couldn't get out of bed the next day never mind sew. SO I got the pair I had already given to my brother back off him (he had worn them 5 nights in a row) hung them outside for an hour then wrapped them up for my big boss.'

But, you gave us just too much good stuff not to show off a little more, so here's a little round up for your reading pleasure!

*Sneaky sewists 

Alison Kelly on Facebook  'I used a pair of my hubby's linen trousers when I was making reversible tote bags as Christmas pressies - the back pocket made a great pocket for my bag! He doesn't know, I'm just hoping that when the summer comes he'll forget he ever had them! PS i've got the other back pocket if anyone wants it!!'

Suzanne Alexander on Facebook  'I told my husband I would darn a favorite sweater for him. After trying twice, I paid a laundry service to do it the right way. He is so proud of me and I am such a fibber. '

Shelley Gibb on Facebook 'Used my husband's dressing gown to make a tailor's ham and sausage- I did get him a new one though.'

@gallomane 'I've passed on my mum's sewing creations for my own and taken all the credit (a couple of times)... Untill my mum found out and sewed me a complete DISASTER of a dress, and made me wear it too!'

* Shining examples of what not to do with your sewing tools

Charlotte Kaye on Facebook 'I have had to buy my husband his own small scissors as he was using mine to trim his nose hair!'

Julia Stacey on Facebook 'Sometimes use I my pins or needles instead of dental floss.'

@neeme123  'For years I've occasionally used old needles to burst pimples! I clean them first.'

Barbara Pratley on Facebook 'Pinking shears make nice edges on home made biscuits...'

Kendra Watson on Facebook 'After much coaching my husband now doesn't use my fabric scissors for paper anymore - but apparently using them for pizza is still ok!'

* So it turns out we're not the only ones partial to a bit of naked hour during sewing sessions...

@StitchOdyssey from Twitter 'Last year I discovered the perils of sewing braless...scabby nipple!'

Anna Dorthea Aasbjerg from Facebook ' I like to sew, wearing only bra and shorts. Both practical and comfortable.'

@Sue_Sews-So-So 'I'm too lazy to keep getting in and out of my clothes for fitting so I usually end up sewing in my knicks!'

* Shortcuts

Because (and NOT that we condone this, ladies...), in the immortal words of @MBF_meanbutfunny 'I refuse to hand sew a hem, ain't nobody got time for that.'

Naomi Kelly on Facebook  'I once stapled up the hem on my trousers from the wrong side and then colored the staples in with black sharpie marker before a big meeting at work when I realized that they had come un-stitched '

@doctorholmestuck 'I...fixed the hem with band aids (the hypoallergenic kind which are super sticky and strong).'

@littlestonecot 'Staples. Stapled seams, stapled hems, stapled in waistlines. There I've said it. Phew.'

@enthousiastlou 'went me-made to my 1st sewing meetup in Dec...covered in safety pins holding it all together #imsuchanewbie'

Rebecca McCaffrey on Facebook 'I have been known to gaffa tape my trouser hems.'

*General oops

Jaybe Heathcote Roscamp Mine on Facebook 'mine is sewing my best friend into her wedding dress, cause it wasn't finished...'

And finally, HUGE thanks to all of you who took the time to enter!


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