Maternity sewing #2 - 70s style empire line ruffle sleeve easy top hack

Front view 1 And the search for vaguely flattering, comfortable and simple-to-sew maternity clothes continues on! True to disorganised form I've left it nice and late into my pregnancy to get started on this (37 weeks and counting yo)... But, I suspect I shall be bigger of belly, bum, hips, waist and thigh for som... read more ›

Maternity sewing #1 - Anna Dress sewing pattern easy top hack

Being pregnant doesn't have to put a stop to your sewing exploits, we promise! We're going to be exploring a few BHL top and dress hacks on the blog over the next couple months which we hope will get all you mamas-to-be and mamas-to-be-again excited about making easy, flattering and comfortable maternity wear.  As ... read more ›

Upcoming classes with Elisalex just announced!


Hello all and Happy New Year!!! It probably feels a little too late in the game to still be saying that, but seeing as this is our first blog post of 2017 (gulp! Where has January gone?! Although, we're certainly not complaining that it's now one month closer to Springtiiiiime!), I reckon we can just about get away ... read more ›

The Elisalex Dress is baaaaack!!!


Excellent news friends - one of our bestselling patterns, the Elisalex Dress, is back in stock, new and improved, and ready to sew!! And even better, to celebrate her re-release, to thank you for your patience while she was unavailable, and to wish you all a very merry Christmas, we've taken 20% off! Simply enter t... read more ›

Project #SewMyStyle - Last chance to sign up!

What's it all about?  Masterminded by Alex Bartholomew of Bluebird Fabrics, Project #SewMyStyle is all about raising awareness about the slow fashion movement and about encouraging young women to take up sewing. We want to show you that sewing your own wardrobe isn't an unachievable dream.  How does it work? Parti... read more ›