5 easy skirts to make & refashion - without a sewing pattern!


One of my favourite, most relaxing things to do after tucking my boy in bed at night is to make a skirt. Yep, even after a full day of sample sewing, tutorial shooting and pattern testing, a mindless, meditative quick-sew project can help me to wind it all down at the end of the day.  We've put together a little ... read more ›

Hands up if you wanna pattern test for BHL!


Fresh eyes. That is something we do not have after hours, days, weeks even of staring at a computer screen tinkering with line weights, checking over diagrams and proof reading instructions (seriously, the phrase, "with right sides together" makes a regular appearance in my dreams when we're prepping a new pattern).... read more ›

Free pattern alert! BHL x WATG: Introducing the Lex Crop Top


**Click here and enter your email address to get the Lex Crop Top crochet pattern totally for freeeeeee!**  I think it's safe to say, when you're the kind of person who loves to make stuff, you probably love to make all the stuff, right? Well, that's certainly the case for us. Sewing maybe our "day job", and Numb... read more ›

Pattern hacking Zeena, or how to transform a dress pattern into a tunic top


No doubt we've already spoken at length about the joys of pattern hacking; the art of the mashup; the wonder of lovechildren, so without sounding too much like a broken record let's get straight to the point this time, shall we? Today we bring you an almost unrecognisable pattern hack tutorial for our latest PDF ... read more ›

International Anna Dress party - a round up!


We were incredibly touched when we found out @lauralovespugs, @ute_ig and @magdalenesmuse organised an instagram party in honour of @lauralovespugs' (known as Elle in real life) birthday and celebrating our Anna Dress Sewing Pattern. Playing out on 17th & 18th July, you had us beaming at our smartphones as we sp... read more ›