Nerdy sewing tips: French seaming a curve


I think we can all agree that a French seam is up there with the slickest seams of all time. Fast and flawless, and not requiring of any fiddly extras or specialist equipment other than just a basic sewing machine, the French seam is without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite. Going Français on a straight seam is l... read more ›

The world of pleats - explained!

Put simply, pleating is a way of folding fabric to create fullness, ease or texture in a garment and your choice and placement of pleat can have a dramatic impact on the shape and style of your handmade garments (no pressure!). There are probably a billion kajillion different ways to pleat your fabric but here is an... read more ›

Clipping & notching seam allowances: How, why & where


More often than not, it's smallest details that make the biggest difference to the finish of your handmakes. But knowing what technique to apply, and when, and why, can sometimes baffle even a seasoned seamstress. If sewing a curved seam was already tricky enough, then getting it to sit perfectly crisp once it's p... read more ›

Something for the weekend - the Kim Dress tie strap hack


When it comes to pattern hacks, our favourites are always the ones dreamt up by you! When your keen eyes look at a pattern we've designed, and see something we never even thought of, well, that's when our babies truly fly the nest and come into their own. Today's pattern hack is inspired by, nay, blatantly copied ... read more ›

Where to print your own fabric in the UK


Want to design your very own fabric but not looking to print 1,000s of metres? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Although our fledgling print service didn't quite work out as planned, it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm for custom printed fabric and plus, we did do an awful lot of research in the process of sett... read more ›