Sewing the trends: How to make a pair of culottes


In our last post, where we hacked the Elisalex Dress into a floaty boho dream of a dress complete with neckline capelet, we touched upon the subject of trends, and how I'm - generally speaking - rarely one for basing my season's sewing plans on the latest issue of Vogue. Don't get me wrong - I love looking at the p... read more ›

Pattern hacking Elisalex - how to sew a neckline capelet


For the most part, sewing my own clothes is not a trend-led activity. I know what I like and I don't fall for the fads. But every now and then, something comes around that gets me thinking outside the closet, and allows me to evolve and explore the limitations of my own personal style. When Boho first popped up on... read more ›

Kim & Sophia back in the shop!

Excellent news fellow stitchettes!! Two of our best loved sewing patterns, the Kim Dress and the Sophia Dress, are now back in the shop and available for immediate PDF download! That's right, you could be printing off your Kim or Sophia as we speak, raiding your stash and rubbing your hands together in glee as yo... read more ›

Nerdy Sewing Tips: How to sew a bound - Hong Kong - seam finish

Hello and good morning! I think we can all agree - at least, those of us back in grizzly, drizzly London Town - that the Summer is officially over... But that's not necessarily a bad thing, and as I sit by the fire, coffee cup in hand and a new knitting project by my side, I can say hand on heart that I'm looking ... read more ›

5 easy skirts to make & refashion - without a sewing pattern!


One of my favourite, most relaxing things to do after tucking my boy in bed at night is to make a skirt. Yep, even after a full day of sample sewing, tutorial shooting and pattern testing, a mindless, meditative quick-sew project can help me to wind it all down at the end of the day.  We've put together a little ... read more ›