We made it!


  It has taken us a little while (two days and one very nasty hangover to be precise…) to recover from the sheer joy and shock of hitting our Kickstarter target. From the outset we were hyper aware it was a lot of money to aim for, by no means thought it was a sure thing and there was the little matter of having no... read more ›

We're having a party and you're all invited!


We've got 8 days to go on our Kickstarter quest and we have been absolutely OVERWHELMED with the generosity and support  you have all shown us. So, we got to thinking about ways we could repay you (if we reach our target) for our infinite gratitude - hey guys, what comes before Part B? PARTAAAAYYYY!!  We've yet to ... read more ›

Flora Sewalong - A special announcement!


It’s anchors away on the Flora Sewalong and as always we are all bracing ourselves for the over-excitement of seeing our latest lady roaming in the wild. However, at By Hand London we like to keep things interesting, so we’ve come up with a plan to put a little spice into our *ahem* relationship. For this sewalong ... read more ›

Coming Soon: The Mittens Skirt - Sewing Patterns for Cats!


It’s been a whirlwind 2014 already for us over here at By Hand London HQ, but in the midst of our exciting new Kickstarter campaign, building up our own fabric designs and a soon to be released summer pattern (can you guess what it is yet?!) we have yet ANOTHER new adventure to share with you… As y'all know, there’... read more ›

Welcome to the Secret Garden...It's time for our very first fabric design competition!


  As you all maaaay have heard (not that we've been talking about it - *ahem* - much at all...), we are gearing up to move into print-on-demand fabric, and in particular we are soooo excited to be starting work on building up the most beauteous gallery of fabric designs the world has (probably) ever seen! One way w... read more ›

DIY crate side table


  read more ›

Nerdy sewing tips: How to make rouleau straps


A nice and easy tutorial today showing our favourite quick method for making rouleau straps (or spaghetti straps). We've applied this to our Flora Dress pattern for a super subtle yet sweetly effective alternative to the shoulder straps.  You will need: a length of fabric, cut on the grainline, about 5cm wide and ... read more ›

Design and print your own fabric with us!


We know that only yesterday we revealed a little secret we'd been sitting on for many months - that we had started printing a limited run of our very first fabric - but now it's time for the Proper Big Secret that's been threatening to burst out for even longer...  *deep breathe* We are going to start printing fabri... read more ›

Our very first fabric! Please welcome Eloise


It's been a long time brewing and MY has it been difficult not to let this cat out of the proverbial bag (ok fine, except for this one shneaky peek we allowed ourselves a couple weeks back). But, now that's all out the window, no more secrets ladies and gentlemen, all is to be revealed and caution thrown to the wind... read more ›

DIY pompom trim T-shirt


The sun is shining and the birds are singing here in London Town, hopefully marking the end of what's been one of the dreariest Winter's on record (and to top it all off, NO SNOW). In between the release of the Flora Dress, our usual scheming and masterplanning and endless admin, we've been excitedly dreaming up som... read more ›

She's here! Please welcome... The Flora Dress


Soooo, we probably say this about all of our patterns, but... We think the Flora Dress just might be our new favourite! But ssshhhhhh! Don't tell the others... Fundamentally feminine and universally flattering with her cinched in waist and voluminous pleated circle skirt (dipped or straight hem options), Flora is t... read more ›

A little note about pricing


  We've been selling our sewing patterns for just over one year and SHEESH have we learned a lot! All in all, this has been the best baptism of fire we could ever have hoped for - from seeing the ever growing wonderous array of your creations pop up online and in the real world, to being interviewed by publicatio... read more ›