Procrastination Station #2

It’s Friday friends, Friday, my favourite of all the days. You’ve almost made it through another week of work, study or (God help you) half term and I’m here to tell you, Good Job, take a well deserved break and let me distract you with some potentially incoherent musings I’ve collected along the way. Put a bonnet ... read more ›

The Kim Dress has almost landed and she's 15% off!


The festive season is on the horizon, and if you, like us, love to get down but are daunted by the number of never-before-seen party dresses required for all the jubilant shenanigans that will inevitably be taking place before 2014 has it’s final call, then panic not, By Hand London have got your back (and front). B... read more ›

Holly Jumpsuit Sewalong #9: Assembling the trousers (all variations)

Things are really taking shape today - and we promise that you'll be happily surprised at how smoothly these trousers come together. If you're making the stand-alone trousers of Variation 3, welcome back to the sewalong - we've missed you! *To be taken to all the posts in the Holly Jumpsuit Sewalong, please cli... read more ›

Holly Jumpsuit Sewalong #8: Applying the bias binding (Variation 2)

Alrighty-roo. Today things get a bit serious for those of you sewing the cowl bodice Variation 2 of the Holly Jumpsuit. But please don't panic! The trick with bias binding is to t-a-k-e y-o-u-r t-i-m-e. Slow and steady always wins the sewing race. *To be taken to all the posts in the Holly Jumpsuit Sewalong, pl... read more ›

Holly Jumpsuit Sewalong #7: Assembling your bodice (Variation 2)

Holly Variation 2ers, things are about to get real! You've had a nice long holiday while we saw to the bodice of Variation 1, but now the spotlight is on YOU! The good news is that there are far fewer steps in the creation of the cowl bodice, making it a speedier make than the button-down option. The bad news is t... read more ›